In Resume

During the last 8 years I've mainly used Django as my framework of choice for the challenges I’ve been faced with. I've included my main projects during these years, in resume, below. Most of these projects have been in my startup company Tiny Rhino and Riidr ApS, which later turned into Pubfront ApS as we sold our danish assets to JP/Politikens Hus.

Tiny Rhino

2017 -

Consultancy with focus on bespoke web solutions, MVP development and hosting.


2014 - 2016

During the last few years at Pubfront I've been involved both in developing new products, in cooperation with external actors, and the continuous update of our infrastructure.

Pubfront cloud platform

Moved existing infrastructure from a set of Ubuntu/Debian hosts to Google Cloud and Kubernetes. Education of fellow developers in Kubernetes workflow. /

During 2015 we became the technical partners of an online-to-offline ordering platform. I took a legacy PHP project and implemented Continuous Integration, unit tests, documentation and expanded the basic ecommerce functionality to include pre-ordering while keeping API backwards compatible for the native applications. Some functionality were implemented using ReactJS and Objective-C.

Riidr ApS

2010 - 2014

During the first four years of our company's life we went from selling E-books B2C, to delivering a full featured platform that our enterprise customers use to sell E-books.

E-commerce platform

My greatest challenges during this time was designing and implementing the custom e-commerce platform that was to become the backbone of the Pubfront E-book Suite. The major technical challenges was the lack of resources any startup faces, teaching my cofounders Python and Django and implementing against both multiple payment providers and against a host of content APIs.

Internal tools, services and infrastructure

During this time I also developed several services required to run the site. These include a self-publishing platform for indie authors and a services to aggregate and combine metadata from multiple sources into a unified format. I also wrote deployment scripts in fabric and ansible and created and maintained our Ubuntu based infrastructure.

Yatt Platform

2009 -

Created a platform for the consultancy company ITAK ApS (now Genia ApS). The platform combines features such as time tracking, document management and invoicing into a tool that is used by the embedded consultants. Currently still in use.


2009 - 2010

Developed a coworking platform for students of the Royal School of Library and Information Science. Contained collaboration tools such as groups, forums, wikis and document sharing etc. The development was funded by the Danish Union of Librarians.


Bachelor from The Royal School of Library and Information Science (2005-2009)

Computer Science at Aarhus Business College (2003-2004)

High School (HF) at Viborg Gymnasium (2001-2002)